Inventing a category,
then defining it.

Creating the category of premium/luxury headphones was no small feat. We had no references or leaders to follow, meaning we had to experiment, develop and set our own bar.

It took a deep obsession to find the right angles that highlight the product id and features, lighting that showcases the materials and most importantly, look sexy af.

This work defined how Beats and its competitors would sell product for many years...

Global guidelines

Now the visual standards had been established, we needed to create guidelines for their use, for tens of thousands of brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers and accommodate for over 20 languages.

Product launches

The Pill+ was the first new product to launch after Beats' acquisition by Apple. To support the launch, we developed a simple, impactful visual language for global retail and e-commerce partners.


We developed creative for dozens of collabs in my time at Beats. This one with Fragment was on of my favorites - playing inside the world of the distinct chrome finish of the headphones and speakers.

Talent photography

Beats was obviously a celebrity-driven brand. It started with music and then branched out into sports and fashion. We developed standards for capturing the product in use, finding overlap between the use case and the talent, and guidance on how to use the assets themselves.
Creative Director:
Art Director:

Andrew Teague
Alex Bowring
Decatur Dan
Michael Morales
Erica Torres-Ness
Mel Zahar