Ok, but how much
is a sh*tload, exactly?

Nearly half the trucks moving freight around the US are only half full. This is obviously wasteful and inefficient in an already strained supply chain - and has been the norm for over 100 years.

The company’s first-ever brand campaign delivered 102% awareness growth and 181% recall lift during it’s flight. The campaign also exploded inbound lead generation and doubled acquisition levels.

Cannes Lion, Winner, Bronze, Challenger Brand, 2023

Adweek, #22, 30 Best Ads of 2022

Phase 1: Awareness

Flock uses patented tech to find and fill trucks' empty spaces. By keeping trucks full and optimizing their routes, Flock eliminates delays, damage and significantly reduces CO2 emissions - making supply chains smarter and more sustainable.

To disrupt a complacent industry, Flock needed a campaign as original and impactful as their product. B2B doesn't have to be boring.

Steve Burns, of Blue's Clues fame, investigated the realities of diffefent load sizes in everyday language, and presented a new solution to an old problem.

Phase 2: Consideration

So we got their attention. Now what?
We knew we had to extend the campaign through the funnel in order to get results beyond awareness.

Welcome to Flock U

and education
The freight industry is fractured and resistant to change, so splash alone wasn't going to cut it. We needed to extend the campaign through the funnel and truly soften the ground for enterprise-level conversations.  

This digital series took our executive from Part 1, and put her in the role of educator to a budding young shipper. As part of a sustained effort to educate and start meaningful conversations with account execs.
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