Accessible clinical trials? Notify me.

Clinical studies are incredibly difficult and time consuming. Rightly so for safety, but when the barriers are largely administrative, there is room to significantly speed things up.

Medable’s platform allows medical research to take place remotely. This means more patients can get access to life saving treatments, trials can move faster and the research benefits from a larger and more diverse range of participants.

Obviously the product makes sense, but it was getting lost in verbose language and indecipherable diagrams. We conducted an exploration of messaging and design to start making the benefits land in more compelling ways.

Distilling the value

In addition to defining the top line positioning, we needed to revamp all the messaging to focus on the value and outcomes of using Medable's platform, for specific audiences. We also built a clean and simple design system and developed new content to reinforce the focus. The following are just a few examples of how we began to craft the story.
Creative Director:

Andrew Teague
Andrew Teague
Stephanie Young
Andrew Teague
Harris Hatzimpaloglou