Bringing the feel good brand to life.

MeUndies' rebrand was more than cosmetic, and "Feel good" is more than a tagline. It's an idea that is simple on the surface, but there is a ton of emotional stuff you can dig into - particularly for an underwear brand. Underwear is an inherently revealing, vulnerable and intimate subject so it means the brand personality and storytelling can balance positivity and depth.

We created these campaigns to bring that dimension to the brand.

A pride campaign that goes beyond the rainbow.

The MeUndies Creative team designed a limited edition pair of undies to celebrate Pride 2017. To tell the story, we developed an empowering campaign that encourages people of all backgrounds to take pride in who they are and 'celebrate themselves', while partnering with The Los Angeles LGBT Center to make a tangible difference in the community. The campaign featured LGBTQ talent as well as staff from the Center telling their stories.
A pride campaign is not something I take on lightly. There needs to be purpose, truth and most importantly respect for the community. This moment/outake from Stevie made the hard work worth it.

Eddie Huang talks positivity and pandas.

MeUndies partnered with VICE host Eddie Huang, the self-proclaimed human panda, to release a limited edition design called 'Pandamonium'. We created a campaign that became a platform for Eddie to talk about everything from male body positivity to Asian stereotypes, generating a lot of earned media - but more importantly, made people feel good.

Cross Colours
for a new generation.

For Summer 2017,  we collaborated with the OG team at Cross Colours to create a collection that goes beyond something 'throwback'. Cross Colours holds its place in culture as one of the first true streetwear brands and one of the first to truly stand for something; Clothing Without Prejudice.

The MeUndies brand was founded on those same values and at a time when political tensions are high, with a lot of similarities to the early 90s, the partnership felt both timely and appropriate.
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