Product stories told faster than you can scroll.

The Nike SNKRS app is the place all sneakerheads go to get the latest news on and purchase Nike's premium designs. My role was take these sneakers, often with rich design stories behind them, and distill that story into a single, simple image that's both striking and inspirational, for use on the app and website. Below are just a few examples of what we have created.

Air Force Emblazoned

The AF1 Emblazoned takes the iconic Nike Air logo and creates a repeating pattern, echoing classic monograms like LV and MCM. I decided the idea behind the product itself is the hero here, so we just made it our job to ensure it shines.

Around the
world with Kyrie

Kyrie launched 11 new Kyrie 6 designs, each inspired by one of 11 cities around the world. We wanted to come up with ways to show each for their uniqueness while being a part of a bigger collection, but also embrace the chaos of these wild sneakers.

Step into the future

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is the first fully-functioning athletic shoe that electronically adjusts to the contours of your foot via adaptive lacing technology – pretty futuristic, right? For the launch assets, we wanted to lean into the tech angle and give it some bladerunner futurism.

Stash tags the
Air Zoom Spiridon

New York native Stash has long been revered as one of the city's graffiti legends. Mastering his craft throughout the '80s and '90s, Stash would go on to work with Nike in 2003. In this collaboration, Stash brought his signature blue colour palette to the Air Zoom Spiridon. We created this backdrop irl as a nod to his iconic nozzle print.
Creative Director:

Andrew Teague
Decatur Dan
Michael Morales
Andrew Teague
Erica Torres-Ness
Mel Zahar