Out of the sheets
and into the streets.

Playboy was going through a period of change. Focusing more on digital-first content in a post-centerfold era. A big part of the strategy was around improving and diversifying their online store - from a curated mix of luxury goods, like straight razors forged with Japanese steel, to modernizing their everyday collections.

Our role was to help define the look and feel of the photography that would be used throughout the store and other areas of the site.
Premium products
We wanted to create a loose system that could bring consistency to the site while having enough range in its totality that the site doesn't get boring or repetitive.

This first style would be used for their higher end luxury items, to give them more a crafted or considered presence amongst the more everyday items in the store. Lighting colors can change per product, so there is enough flexibility that it doesn't get stale.
Everyday products
For the everyday products, we wanted to create a more approachable and a tone that's a little more raw. It's traditional white cyc e-commerce but that much better.

Betwen these two styles we struck a nice balance of looks that when pairs with some of their editorial content, will start to build a richer feeling store experience.
Creative Director:

Andrew Teague
Decatur Dan
Michael Morales
Andrew Teague