Taking a brand from freight to freight tech.

Nearly half the trucks moving freight around the US are only half full. This is obviously wasteful and inefficient in an already strained supply chain - and has been the norm for over 100 years.

Flock's technology provides a better option. But the previous brand identity and messaging wasn't capturing their unique value so that's where we took our cue...
Ad Age Creativity Awards, Nominee, Best Rebrand, 2023

Webby Awards, Winner, Sustainable Technology, 2023
Building an identity that embodies the product.
Flock uses patented pooling tech to find and fill trucks' empty spaces. This takes advanced algorithms factoring in load sizes, weight, material type, routes, dates, hours, miles, truck types and more - and they're the only company that can do it.

This efficiency improves costs for shippers, allows carriers to earn more money and cuts emissions for the planet. This idea of shippers, carriers and algorithms working together to everyone's benefit formed the basis for the new identity.
The Starling
An icon that identifies members of the Flock - Shippers, carriers and employees.
A complete visual
& messaging overhaul
Logistics and supply chain are notoriously complex industries, let alone when you're doing something that hasn't been done before. To make sure Flock's value was clear, we reworked all the messaging to make it more direct and salient.
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Andrew Teague
Andrew Teague
Ron Holden
Andrew Teague
Andrew Teague
Harris Hatzimpaloglou
Daniel Wells
Cole Johnston