A brand that makes
you feel good.

As a start up, MeUndies has done a lot of great work to become a force to be reckoned with in the underwear industry. But their visual identity had not kept up with their fast-paced growth.

After extensive work auditing the brand, as well as assessing its goals for the future, we took on the task of refreshing every facet so it becomes strong, dynamic, scalable, and differentiated in the underwear space.
Keeping the spirit...

There was a playful, light-hearted spirit to the MeUndies original brand and we didn't want to lose that.

A few key criteria were addressed. First was legibility, key for small digital applications and larger, dimensional brick-and-mortar applications. Secondly, flexibility, so it can evolve with the roadmap and more importantly, the unknown.

Lastly, as the brand evolves, we wanted to be sure that there was an ownable element within it. Something that can live independent of the word 'undies' and becomes identifiable on its own.
A product philosophy
turned into a brand
More than comfort

MeUndies had a reputation for quality, comfortable products; in fact, their tagline at the time was "The world's most comfortable underwear". While we didn't want to abandon it entirely, there wasn't much brand juice to be squeezed out of that. So by moving to "feel good" we could connect the physical to the emotional.
Breathing life into e-commerce...
Forget "flats"
Let's do "floats"
In a crowded e-commerce space, cutting through and being remembered is key. And so is a scalable photography system that can handle a high volume of product. We were intentional about finding the balance and using our resources to infuse the “feel good” ethos into the shopping experience.
Creative Director:


Andrew Teague
Andrew Teague
Stephanie Young
Kelly Reilly
Andrew Teague
Tyler King
Johan Vilchez
Oscar Zaldana
Decatur Dan
Michael Morales